The InfoPreneur Blueprint
Program Overview
Hey - this is Rob J. Temple - the founder of the "InfoPreneur Blueprint" coaching program.

I am frequently asked what my "InfoPreneur Blueprint" program consists of and how it works, so I created this short page to give you a full overview of everything.

Ready? Let's go...
What IS The InfoPreneur Blueprint?
I created the 'InfoPreneur Blueprint' as a program that would teach regular people how to start, build and scale their very own online businesses, with information products - in any niche.

It's an ideal way to transform your passions, skills, knowledge and hobbies into an ethical, consistent and scalable business - which is also relatively passive and SUPER-fun.

I have engineered this program to give you the maximum attention, detail and tuition that I possibly can, by closely studying every coaching program I could find and combining all of the best elements. I really believe I have created the ultimate program.

Note: This program is ALL about building an info-product business. We don't talk about eCom, CPA marketing, review sites or any of the other 'fads' in the world of online business. This is only of interest to you if you want to build an information product business.
Who Is The InfoPreneur Blueprint For?
I am aiming this program at TWO main types of student:

1) 'Total newbies' who are brand new to online marketing, confused by everything around them and wondering where the heck to start.

2) 'Long-term newbies' who have been dabbling/experimenting/trying online marketing for a few months or years, but just not getting the traction that they need.

In short, if you're making LESS than $10,000 per month consistently OR you're struggling to get things off the ground and make your first $1 - this program is ideal for you.

More importantly, this program is NOT for people who are looking for a 'quick buck' or a get-rich-quick scheme. It's also not for lazy people expecting everything to be done for them.

This is a real business and it needs you to treat it like one. So serious action-taking is required, which means creativity, focus, dedication, motivation and skill!
What Will I Learn In The Program?
The "InfoPreneur Blueprint" lasts for a year. It starts with the absolute basics, and then walks you through my proven blueprint for building a $100,000+ per year business over a 12-month period.

The program starts right back at the very beginning, helping you choose a profitable niche that you're comfortable building your business in.

You'll learn how to lay the foundations (setting up your first domain name and website hosting) and creating a blog, to begin building your authority and credibility in the marketplace, with blogging and social media.

I call this the 'profit hub' of your business and it lays a really solid platform upon which you can build your empire.

Next you'll begin building a list and start doing e-mail marketing, to earn your first real online money.

As you keep blogging, list building and building up your brand, you'll learn the traffic strategies that you need to really make your blog readership and subscriber list soar.

My aim is to have you with your blog and list building process in place (and monetized correctly!) so that you can start to make around $50-100 per day within 12 weeks.

Next you'll begin creating your own product and build a profitable, high converting sales funnel to make it sell.. whilst bolting it into your list building process simultaneously.

We move on to learn about recruiting an army of affiliate to promote your stuff and also doing affiliate marketing to your growing list of customers and subscribers.

You'll also learn everything that I know about driving traffic from paid Facebook advertising, to flood your new funnel with high-quality, targeted traffic.

I'm not interested in helping you to do over-hyped, difficult, stressful and unprofitable product launches. I want to help you build a consistent, evergreen business instead.

We'll talk about building multiple front-end products and higher priced upsell products to maximise the revenue that you can make.

We'll also help you build a core membership site for your business, so that you can easily create a recurring income stream in your business, with hundreds of people paying you $27, $47 or even $97 per month, every month.

Moving on we go on to talk about creating and selling higher-ticket course (say $497 - $1997) and building them into your business.

The key to this program is to build a real, solid and sustainable business model which is efficient, allows the 'lifestyle luxury' (not slaving away at your computer for 100 hours a week) and is consistent.

I want to get you to $100 per day, then $300 per day (that's $100,000 per year, by the way).
You'll be in a position to start earning some money within about 8-12 weeks of learning, BUT that's not enough for me.. so I'll keep coaching and guiding you until you're making six figures online per year.
What Does The Program Consist Of?
I have spent a LONG time perfecting my coaching methodology, and I believe that we have created the perfect program.

Here's how it all breaks down:

Part 1: Weekly Video Training Modules (For 12 months)


Part 2: Bi-Monthly Training Webinars (For 12 months)


Part 2: Bi-Monthly Training Webinars (For 12 months)

How Much Could I Make - And When?
What About Testimonials Or Case Studies?
Why Should I Choose YOUR Coaching?
Is There A "Money Back Guarantee"?
Wondering How To Join?
The InfoPreneur Blueprint Is  Available
Strictly By Application Only.
This program isn't "for sale". You can't just buy it - there IS an application process involved to become a student.

I am VERY picky about the people that I will and won't accept into the program. 

Why? Well there are two main reasons:

1) It's a 12-month program so, if we are going to be working together for the next year, I need to make sure that we're a good 'fit'.

2) I only want real, serious action-takers who are committed, dedicated and motivated to get a result. It's not good for anyone if we let people in who won't get a result.

So, if you think that this program is right for you (and you are right for it), you can hit the button below to apply.

If everything looks cool, we'll be back in touch to schedule a strategy call with a member of my team and to welcome you on-board.
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